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In other words, diminishing and eliminating our anthropogenic footprint on the global environment will make the beneficial effects of microorganisms all that much more sustainable in adapting to and diminishing the consequences of global warming. However, the message of the scientists has yet to reach the brainwashed population in the global Mall. Billions of powerless workers earn a miserable living in factories and agricultural enterprises fueled by petroleum. The owners of fossil fuels, meanwhile, keep spreading misinformation, denying global warming and convincing world leaders to dance to the sounds of their music.

In the United States, for example, the fossil fuel magnates have president Donald Trump in their pockets. He denies global warming. He hired billionaires for running the federal government. But Trump is doing much more harm than licensing medieval barons in the looting of the country. It is raising the stakes of who lives and who dies. Polluters now have a dear friend in the White House. They open the spigots of pollution all over America. Their deadly effluents now seep into groundwater, aquifers, rivers, creeks, lakes and seas.


The gas poisons of polluters reach the atmosphere daily. They originate from countless sources such as: petroleum drilling and refineries, chemical factories, thousands of warplanes and commercial aircraft flying all over America and the world 24 hours a day, millions of cars travelling billions of miles every day of the year, animal farms raising and slaughtering billions of animals every year, pesticides sprayed over hundreds of millions of acres, energy power plants, and military bases.

No one really has a handle on the killing power of this vast air pollution. But the effects could not be innocuous. The colossal amounts of largely invisible poisons fill the sky and mix with the soup of long-lasting pollutants that capture solar heat and raise global temperature. Poisons in the air we breathe are likely responsible for much undocumented ecological and human damage, sickness, and death.

Many Americans are getting sick and die from contaminated food, drinking water, droughts, violent storms, forest fires, and the impoverishment of the natural world. Deregulation legitimizes these calamities. It ties even more strongly people to the deceptive images of the Mall. Now, in , they hear and see Trump telling them things could not be better because of what he has done, which, in substance, is the world upside down. Trump is also behaving like a monarch primarily because he purchased the allegiance of the Republican Party with a trillion dollar tax cut to the rich and to large corporations, and no taxes on several million dollars of inheritance.

Only rich people inherit property and cash. This cash has shut the mouths of the Republican-majority senators.

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It does not matter what Trump does. Trump owns the Republican politicians. Trump flies to foreign capitals negotiating agreements of unknown content and purpose. He acts as if he were the state. He keeps firing and hiring senior staff in his administration. Trump demonizes his American critics, and especially Democrats in the House and Senate. And those listening to his siren song fall deeper in a comatose state. They are oblivious that Trump is not what they think he is.

They fall in the trap of television propaganda, still seeing Trump as a TV actor with a magical touch and powers.

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Another consequence of not regulating business is more corruption that spreads like a plague all over the country and the world. Both America and the EPA paid a heavy price for the decline of justice, science, and morality that drive environmental and human health protection. Agency scientists became suspicious of the political appointees who overlooked their studies and recommendations.

The best of them left EPA. Lobbyists became aggressive in their requests or demands. Oversight Congressional staff looked the other way. And EPA staff that continued to cite facts and ecological decay spoke to the wind. The Reagan and the Bush administrations were by far the most supportive of the deregulation fever in Washington. Now that fever is, once again, in ascendancy because of Trump.

For example, the financial meltdown of demonstrated an exceedingly dangerous trend in rising inequality and consumer debt. America began to look and behave like France on the eve of the French Revolution. Wall Street bankers were the new royal nobility. Obama men and women filled its senior ranks. It tried to put a break on unethical lenders, but to no avail. Easy credit for buying stuff simply papered over shamefully stagnant and inadequate wages that had barely changed since the s.

In addition, borrowing probably increased self-killing, especially among those crushed by debt and lenders. The irony of this national tragedy is that suicide is highest among the powerless white workers who voted for Trump in Rajan Menon , professor of international relations at the Powell School, City College, New York, says, in , some 47, Americas committed suicide.

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In fact, to the extent that economic strain contributes to the alarming suicide rate among white workers, his policies are only likely to exacerbate what is already a national crisis of epidemic proportions. Inevitably, Trump also put an end to the dream of Senator Warren. What was her dream? Simply, to prevent lending vultures from taking advantage or extremely weak and struggling Americans on the verge of hunger and homelessness.

Shadows are sometimes hidden, sometimes seen, and can lead you to the real object. Shadow classes always need a public no-arg constructor so that the Robolectric framework can instantiate them. They are associated to the class that they Shadow with an Implements annotation on the class declaration. Shadow objects implement methods that have the same signature as the Android class.

Robolectric will invoke the method on a Shadow object when a method with the same signature on the Android object is invoked. Shadow methods must be marked with the Implementation annotation. Robolectric includes a lint test to help ensure this is done correctly. Robolectric supports shadowing all methods on the original class, including private , static , final or native. Typically Implementation methods should also have the protected modifier. The intention is to reduce the API surface area of the Shadows; the test author should always call such methods on the Android framework class directly.

It is important that shadow methods are implemented on the corresponding shadow of the class in which they were originally defined. For example, the method setEnabled is defined on View.

Shadow - Materialize

If a setEnabled method is defined on ShadowViewGroup instead of ShadowView then it will not be found at run time even when setEnabled is called on an instance of ViewGroup. For instance, if the application code were to invoke the TextView constructor which receives a Context:. Sometimes Shadow classes may want to refer to the object they are shadowing, e. A Shadow class can accomplish this by declaring a field annotated RealObject :. Robolectric will set realPoint to the actual instance of Point before invoking any other methods. It is important to note that methods called on the real object will still be intercepted and redirected by Robolectric.

This does not often matter in test code, but it has important implications for Shadow class implementors. Since the Shadow class inheritance hierarchy does not always mirror that of their associated Android classes, it is sometimes necessary to make calls through these real objects so that the Robolectric runtime will have the opportunity to route them to the correct Shadow class based on the actual class of the object.

Otherwise methods on Shadows of base classes would be unable to access methods on the Shadows of their subclasses. Methods on your shadow class are able to call through to the Android OS code, using Shadow.

Robolectric is a work in progress and we rely, welcome and strongly encourage contributions from the community for bug fixes and feature gaps. Custom shadows are structured much the same as normal shadow classes.

Customize View Shadows and Outlines

They must include the Implements AndroidClassName. Your shadow class may also extend one of the stock Robolectric shadows if you like. Custom Shadows get hooked up to Robolectric using the Config annotation on the test class or test method, using the shadows array attribute. This causes Robolectric to recognize and use your custom shadow when executing code against the class you shadowed.