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Brinton Alfred J. Church William Cochrane F. Freeman Arthur Gilman H. McCarthy Annie C. McQueen J. Meiklejohn S. Walker Justin Winsor Charlotte M. Alden John B. Alden Matt W. Allinson Young E. Allison John Russell Amberley E. Ammidown James M. Andrews E. Benjamin Andrews Edmund L. Anthony William A. Anthony Albert C. Kerr Bain Henry M. Baird Samuel J. Baird Edward B. Baker Elisabeth Balch Janet M. Balg Charles B. Barrows Ephraim L. Bartlett William E. Barton John Bascom William M.

Bates J. Bates Jesse P. Battershall J. Battle Karoline Bauer E. Henri Bauman James P. Baxter Lucy Baxter Richard M. Beatty-Kingston Francis Beaumont M. Beers R. Belknap C. Moberly Bell Charles N. Benedict William Benham Charles A. Benjamin Samuel G. Ottilie Bertron Beryn Annie W. Bienayme Edward C. Birdseye Herbert A. Blackbird Christina Blackie Richard D. Blaine Henry W.

Boger Samuel S. Boggs Gaston Boissier Albert S. Bond Paul Bonnefon Thomas G. Bourne H. Fox Bourne Emile G. Boutwell Carl Bovallius Charles P. Bowlby Borden P. Braithwaite Alois Brandl John C. Branner William C. Breckinridge Frederick Brendel Henry B. Brooke Arthur Brooks 2 Elbridge S. Brooks Henry M. Brown W. Bryant Wilbur F. Buck Arabella B. Burke Charles Burleigh F. Butler Hiram E. Butler James D. Butler John S. Butler Henry T. Cable Arthur Winslow Cabot J. Campbell C. Cawein Cedelta Edwin Chadwick J. Chadwick Henry W.

Challis James Chalmers Daniel H. Haddon Chambers Henry E. Chambers Talbot W. Clark Henry William Clarke N. Cole James V. Compton Edward Conant F. Conant Claude R. Conder Eustace R. Connor Moncure D. Conway Robert S. Conway W. Cook Louisa S. Corey W. Corfield Juliet Corson H. Cox George W. Crampton Christopher P. Currier George Ticknor Curtis A. Cutter Charles F. Damon Lewis E. Darling Thomas Darlington Nelson H. Davis James D. Davis William F. Davis Rufus R. Dawes E. Day A. Devlin John Dewey Franklin B. Dobson William T. Dobson Anna Bowman Dodd D. Stuart Dodge Eleanor C.

Driver Marion R. Dyson Pliny Earle J. Eastwood T. Ellis George E. Ellis R. Emilio Samuel Franklin Emmons A. Estabrooke Alexander Evans Augusta J. Evans H. Evans Thomas C. Fahy Robert B. Fairbairn Herman L. Fairchild Violet Fane William G. Field Caroline C. Finck Susan J. Finck Alexander G. Fletcher Walter Flight Frank M. Flinn John J. Gannett Franklin B. Gillespie James R. Gilmore Henry D. Gilpin Robert B. Girdlestone Washington Gladden Willard W.

Goodell Samuel G. Goodrich W. Goodwin John B. Gordon W. Gough Cornelia A. Gould Ezra P. Green Frances B. Gross Alonzo J. Gunther George Gunton H. Halliwell-Phillips Eminel P. Halstead Chalkley J. Hammett William A. Hammond Fred P. Hanchett A. Hancock Ian C. Harvey William Harvey Loomis P. Hasluck John R. Hatcher Marcus P. Hatfield Joseph Hatton Francis T. Havergal H. Haweis Rush C. Hawkins J. Hayden A. Hayes C.

Haynes F. Jay Haynes Gilbert W. Hazeltine Barclay V. Head Albert F. Heinrich Carl Heitzmann S. Lacy Hillier M. Hillyard Joseph H. Rudolf Hoernle Arthur A. Hooper Andree Hope Alice K. Hopkins Harvey L. Hornaday George F. Horne Norton T. Horr John William Horsley S. Howland Rufus B. Howland Henry H. Hudleston James M. Hudnut E. Hutton Thomas H. Huxley A. Hyde Mary F. Inglis T. Irving Theodore Irwin Asa B. Ivins Edward P. James Frank Lowber James H. James John A. Jebb Charles Jefferys Symmes M. Jelley George Jellinek H. Fleeming Jenkin Harriet S. Johnston John W.

Joynes Emory W. Justus Mary E. Kail Washington C. Kemper N. Kempner Nina H.

Custer's Last Stand - The Wild West - BBC Documentary

Kennard John Kennedy Virginia J. Kent James B. King Wm. Kingston Clement Kinloch-Cooke A. Knapp Frederick N. Knapp G. Kniffin A. Knox Adolf Koch Vladimir G. Kunhardt George F. Kunz Charles M. Kurtz Ki Chiu Kwong A. Lambert L. Langley George J. Leeson Benjamin F. Leggett H. Leibbrandt Walter M. Leman J. Lenahan J. Lewis Leon Lewis Matthew G. Lewis J.

Lias Arthur Lillie Mary J. Augusta Lord Thomas B. Lord Charles Lose Benson J. Mace William H. Madison Owen B. Mahaffy Mary G. Malleson George Scovill Mallory C. Martin J. Martin Thomas Commerford Martin W. Matsumoto Mary H. Matthew J. Edmund Maurice Herbert E. Maxwell Hu Maxwell Charles H.

May Joseph B. Mayor William H. McEnnis John J. McGuirl Andrew J. McMaster James H. McMechen M. Mead Theodore H. Mead Mrs. Meade Joe V. Meigs John Forsyth Meigs I. Meisels Albert L. Metcalf Algernon Methuen M. Methuen Conrad Ferdinand Meyer G. Harrison Mills John H. Miner William Minto F. Mitchel Henry Mitchell 2 Libbeus H. Mitchell Richard M. Morrill William W. Morrill Charles Morris Edward D.

Morrison H. Mortimer-Franklyn John S. Mosby Bernard Moses Isaac S. Moses William P. Mowry Abram W. Max Muller Theodore T. Munger William Munk Bruce W. Munro William Munro Myron A. Murrey John Muter Frederic W. Neal W. Needham Edward D. Norton W. Norton Arthur H. Norway J. O'Neil F. O'Sullivan Frederick A. Oliphant J. Rutherford Oliver James E. Oliver George W. Omond Alwin Oppel Eleanor A. Ormerod W. Orndorff Herbert Osborn Felix L. Oswald "Ouida" John H. Parish Benjamin S. Parker Frank Stuart Parker S. Hubert H. Pattison Francis L. Peabody Mark G.

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Pearse Karl Pearson Alfred E. Pease Daniel E. Pease Charles H. Peck George W. Perkins Henry Martyn Perkins D. Phelps Sylvanus Dryden Phelps W. May Phelps Harry B. Phillips Philip Phillips Waldorf H. William Pope James H. Pope Julio Popper Edward G. Porter Gibbon H.

Porter Jermain G. Powers Stephen Powers Winthrop M. Prendergast Daniel S. Preston Harriet W. Preston Margaret J. Priestley Temple Prime A. Proctor W. Quinby D. Ragozin Walter Raleigh Edward A. Rand J. Randall John Randall Henry F. Randolph N. Rapson Albert N. Raub Marcius D. Rexford James Rhoades Juan F.

Riano Theodule A. Rich Charles F. Richardson Clifford Richardson A. Richey Augustus J. Ricks John Riddle William H. Riley James Whitcomb Riley H. Rink David G. Mary F. Rorer Joshua Rose J. Russell W. Saintsbury George Salmon Stewart D. Salmond M. Sanford Enoch Sanford J.

Scudder John M. Selby Edwin R. Shairp T. Shanks Elizabeth A. Sharp William Sharp Edward R. Shaw John Knox Shaw L. Sheffield Percy Bysshe Shelley N. Sherwood Lydia Shillaber Marie A. Sinclair Thomas Sinclair Walter W. Snider Marshall S. Snow James R. Soley E. Spencer Guilford L. Spencer Herbert Spencer Theo. Clair Bernhard Stade J. Stanley C. Stapleton Ed. Stoddard William O. Lithographic reproduction of painting by Cassilly Adams mounted on board.

Distributed by Anheuser-Bush as a promotional item. Accompanied by letters from Donald E. Waldemer regarding the acquisition of the print. Charles M. Finding Aid. Languages: English. The James E. The prints include portraits, battle scenes, and political cartoons representing a variety of printing techniques from woodcut to chromolithograph. The collection provides a visual overview of historical events during one of the nation's most tumultuous times, and provide a strong background for cultural and historical studies. The prints are arranged by James E.

A native St. He and his wife, Joan Singer Schiele, donated the collection to University Libraries and established an endowment to help support conservation and expansion of the collection. Street scenes, especially the people at work, bombed areas, three Japanese officers, aerial views, children, undamaged homes and a few American servicemen. School children giving Nazi salute, girls in youth camp, Heidelberg "students prison" with drawings on the walls and ceiling.

A message from the President of the United States George Washington to Congress, transmitting a letter from the Secretary of State to the Minister Plentipotentiary of His Britannic Majesty, with an enclosure, in answer to a leltter from the Minister, dated May 22, Philadelphia: Francis Childs and John Swaine, A pre-printed, 5x8" "Pre-emption of claim" with a nice title at top guarding a safe-several deer in the forest, also a red tax stamp on the front with a CDS cancellation. The document is issued for several claims "on the Calhoun Lode for mining purposes situated in the Russell Mining District".

The document is signed by "J. Frederick Pierson. Butler" with no location. There is minor wear with an uneven bottom edge. Stone has been named Acting Asst. Adjutant General of the Dept. The general order is signed by Lt. The document has some minor damp stains. The certificate is tied together at the top with blue ribbon and several metal rivets holding the pages together. Gives a legal description of the property, mentioning several claims.

Has a full-page, hand drawn map of a group of claims with the Might Lode colored in yellow and red. Pre-printed statement dated August 24, from "D. Includes a magazine article that tells the story of the Dudley Champion - Mike Shonsey shoot-out. A pre-printed, one page Criminal Complaint from Carbon County charging Issac Dye with "Firing at William Quinn four times from a gun with intent to kill and that William Quinn had no warning or knowledge of the evil intention of the said Issac Dye" near Wolf Creek.

Signed by Quinn and Justice of the Peace "J. Beneath the message has been deciphered in pencil showing the buying and selling prices of stock mining? Black on white printing. Two page, legal size, handwritten bill of sale, dated from Fort Bridger, Wyoming Territory. The documents states that W. Carter is purchasing 12 heads of cattle to be delivered "at his herd house on Henry's Fork". The document describes the ages of the cattle and their conditions and is signed on the bottom by J.

Anson as seller. On the back is a handwritten approval of the sale with about 8 lines re: the sale and delivery of the cattle. This portion is handwritten and signed by W. Carter as the buyer. Pre-printed statement from "Naylor Bros. Lists 10 items purchased with total. Has a handwritten note on the left side about the arrival of some machines ordered.

A pre-printed, 3 page, legal size "Deed of Mining Claim", dated from Cochise County showing the sale of the "Silver Hope Mine" between Thomas Morgan and Thomas Toomey and gives its location on the first page "about one and a half miles northeast of the town of Charleston and about one third of a mile northwest of the road leading from Tombstone and Charleston.

Is signed by the seller on the 2nd page with an attched certification of the recording - has an embossed orange seal and signed by County recorder A. Checks in , , , and Different payees. Has a big horseshoe vignette with a horse head. Lists repair work and is signed by McMaster.

Iowa - - A large certificate with three mining vignettes - two show miners winging picks and pushing ore carts and a 4" vertical vignette of miners in a glory hole and using a winch to haul ore out. Has a bold title and very ornate printing style by an unknown printer. Nevada - - A scripophily oddity with a unique and uncommon vignette of a camel in the desert. Colorful printing with a blue border - green banner for the title and glitter gold seal and body print. States offices were in Reno but research shows mines were in the mining camp of "Fairview" in central Nevada. Silver was discovered there in and the mining camp blossomed to several thousands by and the camp boasted about twenty-seven saloons.

Two documents. Griffin has been sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff for Navarro County and that he will abide by the Constitutional laws and that he has not fought a duel with deadly weapons nor have I sent or accepted a challenge to fight a duel with deadly weapons and that he has not bribed anyone to secure my appointment - so help me God. It is signed by Griffin and a Co. The second, is a handwritten document attached on the back, dated from Corsicana, Texas certifying that J.

Walton, Sheriff of the county appoints Griffin as a Special Deputy to secure him protection against all who may try to interfere with him in discharge of his lawful duty to assist in the arrest of J. Thompson, wanted in this county for murder. The document is signed by J. Walton, Sheriff, Navarro County. A four page folded leaf letter and original mailing envelope, dated from Tehama, California from a son to his mother in Springfield, Il. He opens by saying he is not getting any mail from the family, but is writing "for fear you may think we are all dead.

He also describes Indian troubles and mentions a past cold winter in Oregon followed by a drought. The letter is signed "Geo. Two issued checks, dated from L. Bankers in Helena, M. Marshal and that bail bond arrangements were made. Back on the front page, it later states that the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

The Three Horsemen Gun. Side by side. Pistol Grip. Brass end mount to the wooden handle having applied engraved silver mounts marked Manton. A high relief plaque of three horse heads on one side with" The Three Horsemen" carved in the wood above and below it. The opposite side decorated with a brass arrow. Brass plate reads Texas Baldy Russell. First year production. Serial number on frame, barrell and trigger guard match.

Cylinder has no serial number. Wooden grips. In presentation case. With a knife in nickel button sheath inscribed "Luke Short". The knife has a bone handle with a nickel silver pommel and ornate cap. Also included is a pewter flask engraved with L. Tombstone, Arizona Territory of Luke Short is included. The box has carved suits of cards and Luke Short name. Serial Number Colt Calibre Hard rubber grips. Well worn with one small chip at the butt on left hand side. Has a framed stud for inside the pants carry.

Recovered near Wounded Knee, South Dakota. In a shadow box display by Chuck Gelisse. Included in the display is a knife in a tack decorated sheath, some cartridges and a cabine card of an Indian with a rifle across his lap. Signed on the back by the artist Chuck Gelisse. Rib is marked Sam J.

Hayhurst Arizona Rangers. Twist steel barrels. VG condition. Handcrafted Sioux lance made with pig iron lance head, deer hide, yellow-red-blue seed beads, hawk bells, brass tacks, trade cloth, buffalo tail, wild bird feathers. Handcrafted Sioux lance made with pig iron lance head, deer hide, white-blue-red seed beads, hawk bells, brass tacks, trade cloth, buffalo tail, wild bird feathers. Gilt metal adjustable crown for winner of Annie Oakley shooting competition.

The letter opens with hopes for spring plowing soon, but the snow is still around. Also says the county Treasurer has been arrested as a defaulter and for misuse of County funds. He plans to go into town to finish a plastering job, and is planting trees in the spring. He closes by saying the Reverend Jeffry is a boarder in the home, but needs to sell his organ. The letter is signed "Father". With Egyptian queen carvings. Repurposed to a showcase now holding a woven Indian blanket fragment. Glass front. Textile is 18"H. A one page, legal size, pre-printed land deed, dated Rogers as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

It is also signed on the front by two officials from the U. Indian Commissioner. One page, legal size, handwritten document, dated January 30, Court document re: the handling of an estate of a deceased man and the widow's decision to decline the provisions made for her benefit in the last will. It is signed at the bottom by a court clerk, and the document has "Territory of Kansas written at the top and has an embossed seal at the bottom of the Probate Court in Leavenworth County, K.

Kansas had received statehood just one day prior, January 29th , to this document being written. One page, letterhead of Dept. Land Office in Bozeman. T he letter is to a man in Rockvale asking about the Indian Allotment of Bird Woman and gives the coordinates for her land allotement and is signed at the bottom by an official. A large and impressive insurance policy, dated T he policy states it covers merchandise usually kept in Chinese stores, but does not include coverage of Opium, Treasure, Safe and contents and other items.

A pre-printed, document from Virginia City with title at top "Territory of Montana - Madison County Recorder's Office" certifying that a man has recorded a mining claim "on the Major Lode, feet, located in the Hot Springs District, Major County" and is signed at the bottom. Has black on white printing with a fancy left border.

The discovery of gold at Virginia City led to the creation of Montana Territory in - the first Territorial capital being in Virginia City.

Biographical notes:

The Waybill lists five passengers incluiding W. A Clark probably the multi-millionaire Montana "Copper King", Senator, banker and railroad builder with destinations of "Norris, Sterling, Revenue" etc. Also lists about 20 express items - mostly packages and boxes with fees and destinations listed. On the back of the document lists the name of the stagecoach driver "H.

The document states that Frank Rheinholdt has appeared before him and that an account against another party is correct and just. It is signed by Rheinholdt - but the document is entirely handwritten and signed by "M. Upson - Notary Public. Includes biographical information about Upson. Tingley, Helena, Montana Territory to E.

Hayt, Commander of Indian Affairs. On the back it is noted when the bid arrived and that it was too late. Two post holes in upper left corner affecting one printed word and E in The Western Union. Taylor in Weatherford, Texas. Henry Taylor was a Texas Ranger from to Comes with a xerox picture of Henry Taylor and another with Taylor and his sons in the Bank.

Arizona Territory - - With an intricate floral and ribbon border design with a nice title across the top. Black on white printing, issued from Phoenix. A stock showing one of the early attempts to build canals that would bring water to a thirsty, budding Phoenix. Is signed by R. Farrington as President. Only three stocks are known to exist. From The Vanishing Race Three items are included in the lot.

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Entered according to Act of Congress in the year by S. Army map of the Kansas Area, including S. Brownstone with exc. Exhibiting the grants of lands made by the general government to aid in the construction of railroads and wagon roads. June 30, From a reconnaissance by Capt. Drawn by Sergt. Sketch of public surveys in New Mexico Gold and Quicksilver District of California map, July 25th, By Trumbull White. Imperial Pub. Elaborately illustrated with photographs and drawings of battles, on sea and land, warships etc.

A thrilling account of the land and naval operations of American soldiers and sailors in our war with Spain and the heroic struggles of Cuban patriots against Spanish tyranny. From October from London, England with a wide variety of articles. Charles a. First Edition. With an introduction by Gifford Pinchot. With illustrations. Nimmo Fold Out Map. Excellent condition with exception of some separation at folds.


Salem, Mass, from Monday morning, May 16, Various sizes. Featuring the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Lancaster Journal Friday June 7, From Tuesday, May 2 to Friday, May 12, Worn edges and fold marks. Two items in the lot. September 30, , October 6, , October 28, , October 30, Four items in the lot. The principal store, founded in , was located in Fairbank and supplied the Arizona territory's branch stores in Bisbee, Benson, and Crittenden. The stores were closed and moved to Phoenix in the early s.

The Western Union Telegraphs from Arizona, including one from Cochise County Bank in Tombstone, from several years including , , , and Eight items in the lot. Signal Service U. There are ten items in the lot. April 24, A sample of how to issue reports to release rebel prisoners. Show wear and markings not affecting content. Thirteen items in the lot. Conviction notice for uttering one profane oath. Conviction notice for uttering three profane oaths.